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"Fuck Cancer!" Bracelet/Pendant Necklace Combo

$ 62.00

Having a difficult time finding just the right gift for someone that is coping with the diagnosis of cancer??   Often times we want to shower people going through a terribly rough time with positive words when what they really want is someone to simply acknowledge the way they are feeling.  This beautiful locket is the perfect gift for a friend or family member that was just diagnosed with cancer, for the day she must shave her head, or the day she is scheduled to have a mastectomy.  It also is a great way for her to privately express the way she is feeling on inside many days but yet not have to share her real thoughts with the world.  This antique silver necklace is adorned on the outside with pearls and rhinestones~ yet when you open the locket it is has the very real, heartfelt words of strength~ "Fuck Cancer!" 

The bracelet also helps remind her of her strength, and that she will fight and win her battle with cancer!  It has several charms~ including courage, brave, 2 strength, warrior, a round breast cancer symbol, and a boxing glove to symbolize the fighter that she is!  It also includes a personalized silver initial~ simply write the desired initial in the special instructions box at checkout!

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