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Weathered Faucet

$ 29.00

Your sister (or friend who is like a sister) loves yard work and spends hours dreaming of and crafting her perfect garden.  (Yes, there ARE some people who love yard work!)  She also "digs" wine.  (See what we did there?  Digs?  Gardening?)

This bottle stopper is just the thing for her.  A "weathered" vintage outdoor faucet handle sets the tone, and is beautifully rounded out with one bead that reads "Dream" and two glass beads to set it off.  Finally, some funky metal pieces and a two-sided "Sisters/sisters are blossoms in the garden of life" charm really "turn on" the fun.  (See what we did there?  Turn on?  Faucet?  OK, moving on.)

As always, you can add or swap a charm to personalize it even more.

Measures about 4" tall x 2" wide.  Remember, each stopper is custom made so no two products will be exactly alike.

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