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Mr. / Mrs. Right

$ 31.00

Maybe you and your significant other prefer different styles of wine and/or have two bottles going at the same time.  Maybe that high-end bottle of olive oil came with a low-end cap.  Maybe those bottles of bubble bath received (or being given) as a wedding gift need something to identify the newly achieved marital bliss.

Well honey, these bottle stoppers will fix you right up on all counts!  

Each stopper starts with a ceramic top identified with Mr. or Mrs. The "Mrs." incorporates the right amount of sparkle with lovely beads, signature metal pieces and a compass face plate (so you always know you're where you belong). It's capped off with a bronze "love" and silver heart charm.

The  "Mr." stopper displays suitably masculine metal accents such as metal washers, nuts, gears and other DWD unique metal parts including a (non-working) clock face (so you always know it's time to treat your significant other like royalty.)

(A pair of stoppers is often given as a wedding gift duo, or as an engagement, shower or bachelorette gift, and when you buy both you get $7 off!)

These stoppers REALLY lend themselves to the customization of adding or swapping a charm.  Go check them out and consider initials, the two-sided "Happily Ever After/Once Upon a Time" charm or many others that past customers have chosen to add to these wonderful gifts.

Measures about 3.5" tall x 1.5" wide.  Remember, each stopper is custom made so no two products will be exactly alike.

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