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Opportunity "Knocks"

$ 34.00

We promise we didn't steal this from a door in your Great Aunt Marge's 1920's era home, but we could have ... it's that cool.

This stopper begins with an amazing, over-sized cream and midnight vintage doorknob which we embellished with bronze and clear beads, an assortment of eclectic metal pieces, and a black and bronze shimmering disc. Then because we're playful that way, we added a two-sided charm reading "Golden Years / My a$$!" (As you'll see below, there are real letters in place of $$, but our Mothers are reading this stuff so ...) 

And HEY:  this is one heavy-duty piece so please be careful!  If you drop it, you may break something, including Aunt Marge's toe!

As always, you can add or swap a charm to personalize it even more, or in case your Mothers are reading your stuff too.

Measures about 4.5" tall x 1.5" wide.  Remember, each stopper is custom made so no two products will be exactly alike.

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