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About Us

Welcome to Divine Wine Designs! My name is Katie Sehnert Wolfe and I am the creator, owner, and artist behind Divine Wine Designs.

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer.  I was the child who would scour the fields for a four leaf clover, wander the woods finding shapes in the clouds and envisioning forts that could be built in the trees.  I have always found magic in rainbows and still make a wish when I see a clock that says 11:11 or 12:34. 

Not surprisingly, when an idea arrives at my brain’s doorstep it doesn’t usually knock softly but rather pounds its way into submission until I decide to take off recklessly after it!  And so it was with Divine Wine Designs.

The idea crept into my imagination four years ago, and has taken on a life of its own!  I clearly remember un-wrapping a pretty, beaded wine stopper I had just received as a birthday gift.  I started thinking how much fun it would be to design one of my own and then imagined holding events where guests could bead/create stoppers with supplies I provided.  Seriously!  Who thinks about starting a business before they themselves had even created even one of the items?

Me apparently!  After a few months scouring the internet until the wee hours of the morning I found the perfect supplies.  First off~ I had never liked the inexpensive, chrome stoppers that rust and pit.  After months of researching~ I found a machine shop that would drill stainless steel stopper bases for me.  They are guaranteed for life, FDA and winery approved, which was exactly what I was looking for!  Next~ I really didn’t like the  plastic or acrylic beads found on many stoppers, so I located some very cool, chunky glass and metal beads and eclectic, vintage pieces I thought would make my stoppers stand out.  I searched for clock pieces/gears, cloth flowers, spools, etc.... pretty much anything unique that I could find! 

And since I love to create and give personalized gifts I decided to offer a huge selection of charms so each event guest could make their stoppers even more unique and special!  I also learned how to create the charms myself, which helps with customization of orders such as weddings, corporate gifts/events, special birthday messages, etc.

The first Divine Wine Designs event was held about three months later.  It was a huge success and we began booking many home parties to bring people together in friendship and creativity.  Soon we also began holding classes at local wineries, boutiques, and even businesses for team building activities. We have traveled to other cities and held events with close to 100 guests!

Since then our product offerings have expanded to include custom beaded beer openers, swizzle sticks, candle and photo holders, serving utensils, wine bottle lamps and beaded wine glasses.  Due to the popularity of our products, we have sold at many trade shows and in various boutiques, wine and liquor shops and wineries here in Kansas City and as far as Chicago, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

I’m so excited to now be launching our online store! This new adventure will allow for more time with my favorite people in the world – my three amazing children!  Here’s to dreaming big, still seeing the wonder in rainbows and sunsets, and realizing that everything leads you right where you are meant to be!